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This is a "dictionary" designed to help you grow your YFC ministry through a Biblically sound model of Development. Check out the links and use the information.

Do you have ideas/resources that you'd like to add? We need your best stuff! Email Rev. Rick J. Fritzemeier, National Coordinator of Resource Development Training

See The Story (STS), Be The Story (BTS), and YFC Champions

Introduction & Philosophy

Resources from YFC USA Develpment

Planning & Evaluating Growth

How do I grow to the next level of chapter size?

Revenue Streams

What percentage of my revenue should come from what sources?

Team Design

What kind of development staff roles will I need?

Development Skills for All



End of Year Strategy

Pipeline Strategies

Find>Win>Keep>Lift STRATEGIES

FIND Strategies

WIN Strategies

KEEP Strategies

LIFT Strategies

Donor/Partner Segmented STRATEGIES

  • What are the $ and # ranges for each Segment:
    • Prospect - New to CRM/database within the last 365 days & no gift yet of any kind
    • Impulse - Less than $100 a year total or less than 10 gifts a year
    • Core - Over $100/yr but less than $2500/yr, or more 10+ gifts/yr of any amount
    • Major - $2500/yr or more in a year
    • Lapsed - LYBUNT (Last Year But Unfortunately Not this Year) but 13 months - 36 months
    • Inactive - No giving activity in the past 36+ months

Core Giving Partners

Lapsed Partners

Retention – What is it, How do I improve it?

Appendix - Other Strategies & Continuing your Learning